Apple Donation Appeal

Apple Donation Appeal

Trunch Cider CoopTrunch Cider Coop would welcome donations of unwanted, ripe apples.

Apple PickingDo you have any excess apples or pears, and don’t want them to be wasted? If so, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to our project. If you are able to bring your apples and pears in plastic bags or boxes to the following places, this would be very helpful:

Trunch Tee barn (to the right just before you come to the Trunch Tee junction, directly after the little wood; leave fruit at the side of the drive of the Tee Barn) or
Outside Chris Raymond’s bungalow “Rosina” in Brewery Road.
We can use any ‘good’ or bruised fruit, but we cannot use any that shows any signs of mould, infestation or significant skin damage. Please clearly label your containers with your name and phone number/email. Each contributor will receive some fruit juice and/or cider for the donation: please specify if you would prefer juice or cider on the note accompanying your donation.

If you are unable to deliver the fruit yourself or need help picking or collecting it, please contact one of our members (numbers below) and we’ll come and collect them for you.

We welcome new volunteers to our group. You don’t need to have any fruit trees. You can just take part and help with the activities of collecting, pressing and bottling (and tasting, of course!).

For all questions, please contact any of the following: Chris Raymond on 720519; Michele Horsefield on 720649; or Susanne Mason on 721015

Or just send us an email and we can put you in touch.

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