Apple pressing at Swafield Hall, Thursday 4th October 2018

We spent the whole day and early evening chopping, scratting and pressing apples – of various sorts and flavours – to produce approximately 450 litres of juice which is now in the big fermenting bins.

Thanks to everybody for some very hard work and Tim and Dom for feeding and watering the gang. Lovely pizzas and apple tarts (Dominique) plus teas, coffees and a few glasses of our delicious cider.
We finished the day around 7.15 pm, some of us still there … and returning the next morning to do the cleaning.

Michele took several measurements with the hydrometer to try to get an idea of the specific gravity of the cider in the three barrels. The readings vary from 1045 to 1050 approx. This points to a potential ABV of 5.2 to 6.1% degrees of alcohol in the finished cider provided all goes well with the fermentation…

On Friday together with Boris we fixed the fermentation locks and added a little vodka (rather than water) in the locks. It kills bacteria and minimises the risk of contamination of the juice at this early stage.

If the weather is as good and warmish as promised next week it should make for a strong fermentation and bubbling to be heard and seen.
We live in hope.

More updates and photos to come.