Unpasteurised Norfolk Cider – Trunch Cider Coop

Where to buy Trunch Cider

Our outlets from this summer are

  • Swafield Village Fete, 1st July 2018



Volunteers Welcome

A group of villagers initiated the Trunch Cider Coop under the umbrella of Trunch Village Society early in 2012, after years of seeing perfectly good apples (and pears) going to waste. In March 2012, we had an introductory talk by Stephen Fisher, who produces traditionally made Norfolk organic cider.  Stephen talked about the history of cider making, the traditional techniques (mainly in England and France) and his own Norfolk cider. Of course, he also gave us a glass or two to try this delicious drink. Stephen’s cider is for sale at The Apple Shop, Wroxham Barns, a shop run by his brother Geoff Fisher.

Our group brings together apple/pear-tree owners and volunteers who have no trees, but who would like to take part in the project, have some freshly pressed organic apple juice and, after 6-8 months, have a drop of cider and, if wanted, some cider vinegar.

Unpasteurised Norfolk Cider from Trunch

We initially produced juice, kindly pressed for us by cider maker Stephen Fisher. This juice then was fermenting in containers for approximately six months in order to become great cider. For the bottling in Febuary 2014, we were very fortunate to have the experienced cider maker Mark Jarvis from Whin Hill Cider, Wells-next-the-Sea, at our side. From 2014 onwards, we did our own pressings.
This year’s cider is now fermenting and will be bottled early next year. It will mature until end of May 2017 – then it will be available in our current outlets.

We are aiming to produce traditional Norfolk cider, unpasteurised and free from any additives. We are all still learning how to make and keep the cider, and in our first year we had to weigh up our successes and points for development. Our unpasteurised cider vinegar is another delicious and very healthy product we are quite proud of. The next lot will be available in our outlets early 2018.

In Autumn 2016, we had again a lot of donations of many variety of apples and pears for the current run. A big Thank you to all donors!